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Hello everyone welcome to a fresh, new year of peaceful & beautiful Retreat Days and Weekends at the most special of venues. Last year was a successful year of launching these enriching retreats, and this year, I am very happy to say I welcome Sound Therapy (Singing Bowls) to the Lake Retreats. What a treat!

Take a look at our varied Retreat Days and Weekends, which provide a valuable opportunity for you to step away from your everyday life, RELAX, UNWIND, RECHARGE and be INSPIRED.

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Holworthy Farm and Pine Cabin is situated in the heart of the National Park in Somerset. It is surrounded by unspoilt, natural countryside and is a Dark Sky Reserve. All windows from the cabin and the house look over the lake which helps to add much peace and serenity to all that goes on there.

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The benefits of Sacred Sound Immersion Therapy are unlimited. The most important benefit is being re-attuned to your divine spiritual essence. When your whole energy field, mind, body and spirit is balanced and in harmony, your whole world around you becomes more so too. The Crystal Singing Bowls are made of 99% pure quartz crystal. Quartz crystals are found in watches and clocks, to keep perfect time, and in many other technological areas. Crystal Singing bowls when played with sacred pure intent by the Practitioner emit pure tones of highest vibrational sound and light. This in turn affects every cell and atom of our mind, body and spirit helping to create a most positive shift within you and the world around you.

Lesley Carol Sound Therapy Practitioner Joey Singing Bowls Therapy

Lesley Carol (pictured left) is a fully trained and qualified Crystal Healer Teacher, Full Sound Healer Teacher, Hypnotherapist/Psychoanalyst, songwriter, and CrystalSonic RejuvenationTM Founder, Creator & Teacher. Lesley has run Somerset based Atlantis College of Crystal, Reiki and Sound Therapy for over 30 years and she has trained and worked with many of the top Sound Healing teachers all over the world.

KUNDALINI YOGA - Level 1 as taught by Yogi Bhajan

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Kundalini Yoga helps the union between the body and mind, which is essential for growth and healing. This ancient science helps to develop flow and vitality throughout our whole being.

Julia Shaw Kundalini Yoga

Julia Shaw – Has always been interested in ways to support, both physical and emotional, health and wellbeing in children and adults. After graduating from University with a Philosophy degree, she trained as a teacher for primary school children. She then found that she was drawn to supporting the emotional needs of the children so did a Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Psychotherapy. Julia is passionate about the many benefits of Kundalini Yoga, and runs regular classes in Somerset.

"Yoga won't make you great, it will make you YOU"
- Yogi Bhajan
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