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Name Date Content Price
Spring Sparkle 27th April 2019 (10am-5pm) Relaxing Shibashi - 'More Energy in the Now' Workshop - Massage/Thai Yoga Massage - Cleansing Singing Bowl Sound Therapy Session - A Guided Meditaion £59
Living with Menopause Holistic Balance Retreat 18th May 2019 (10am-5pm) Yoga - Massage Face/Feet/Hands with essential oils - Holistic Energy Care Workshop - Medicine Movement - A Guided Meditation £59
A Summer Retreat at the Lake 23rd June 2019 (10am-5pm) Yoga - Massage/Thai Massage (Back, Neck, Head, Legs) - Learn a Meditation (PMF) - Free Dance - A Guided Relaxation £59
Just Being You 29th Sept 2019 (10am-5pm) Yoga - Massage (Face & Feet) - ‘Be More in Charge of Your Life’ Workshop - Medicine (Mindful) Movement - Guided Relaxation £59
Living with Anxiety / Depression / Positive Health Retreat 19th Oct 2019 (10am-5pm) Empowering Exercises - ‘Feeling Better Now’ Energy Workshop - ‘My Words' Creative Writing Session - Medicine Movement £59

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Wimbleball Lake
Wimbleball Lake, Somerset

True Nature's Wellbeing Retreat Days are an opportunity for you to have an enjoyable day away in a beautiful, peaceful place where you can relax, unwind and get inspired.

Our Wellbeing Retreat Days are a chance to step away to a beautiful, peaceful place to unwind and relax. Holworthy Farmhouse’s Timber Cabin provides a healing and uplifting space for all the Retreat Day activities and is situated by the banks of Wimbleball Lake in the heart of the Exmoor National Park in Somerset. It is surrounded by un-spoilt countryside providing a variety of woodland, moorland and costal walks with outstanding views.

Find a day that suits you! - Each day provides a different mixture of Health and Wellbeing Sessions to help you to have a change of scene, relax and try new things with others.

"She's serene, quietly majestic, unassuming and tender. She speaks with gently tongues about the pregnant pauses in life, and the riches of hearing the unheard. She invites us to listen by reaching out her gentle rippling hands, her restful riches of colour, showers of spontaneous sparkles, and whispering windy wave. ' Look at me, sit with me, rest by me', she implores."
- VM


A combination of the following workshops and sessions are included in our Wellbeing Retreat Days. You also have the opportunity to purchase one-on-one relaxation treatments that are designed to compliment your experience, and will help you unwind even further.


Julia Kundalini Yoga Instructor
Julia Shaw - Kundalini Yoga Instructor
- Holistic Energy Care Management

This workshop gives a fresh new look at the way we lead your lives; it helps to raise awareness to how you care for own energy, and how it can get depleted externally, and internally. It gives tools on how to be more mindful in all that you do, be more connected to what you really want and feel. With this deeper understanding, you can improve and enhance your work, personal life, be more creative, avoid burnout, bored-out, excessive tiredness, stress, anxiety and illness. During the workshop essential energy skills are taught to help increase and balance energy.


You will learn a series of Yoga and Shibashi exercises (meditative movements derived from Tai Chi) which help you to relax, balance, recharge, and improve your general health and wellbeing.


I loved this day, by lunch time I felt like I had been on a 3 week holiday

Helen J


Free Dance Class
Free-Dance, inspired by 5 rhythms
- Interpretive Movement/Dance

Free Dance Sessions are so-called because there is no instruction, they give you a wonderful opportunity to express yourself, creatively, mindfully & playfully in any way you choose to different modes of inspiring music. It brings together universal wisdom that underlies all movement practices. As nobody watches anyone else, feel rest assured that self-consciousness just melts away, leaving you to have freeing fun!

Inspired by 5 Rhythms, carefully chosen tracks are put together to help you to observe and explore different sides of yourself, and learn to dance more freely through the rhythms of life. There’s space to freely move or dance in anyway that feels right for you giving you that rare chance to just let your ‘dancing spirit’ out and dance with the flow of life! Dancing in Candlelight makes it extra special!


- Contemplative Movement/Dance

This is an opportunity to move your bodies from a place of stillness and inner connection. Intuitive movement allows our bodies to naturally unwind, release tensions and blocks in ways we may not have experienced or thought of doing before. Gentle and slow movements, done without being watched or judged. I will be facilitating, then participating!


A simply lovely day filled with beautiful elements all in such a special environment


Leslie Carol Sound Therapist
Singing Bowls Therapy - Lesley Carol


- Audio Therapy

The benefits of Sound Immersion Therapy are unlimited. The most important benefit is being re-attuned to your divine spiritual essence. When your whole energy field, mind, body and spirit is balanced and in harmony, your whole world around you becomes more so too. Crystal Singing bowls when played affects every cell and atom of our mind, body and spirit helping to create a most positive shift within you and the world around you. Sessions facilitated by a qualified Sound Therapist / Teacher



Enjoy a relaxing treatment with essential oils
  • Aromatherapy - Deeply relaxing therapeutic massage combined with beautiful aromatic essential oils. Wonderful for helping to relax muscles and joints, unwind the mind and general recharge. This combination is not to be missed.
    1hr treatment £55.00
  • Back, Neck, & Shoulder Massage - Deeply relaxing treatment which helps to release aches and pains within the muscles and joints, revitalizes, and uplifts you!
    1hr treatment £55.00
  • Craniosacral Therapy - Gentle hand-on treatment that helps the body to balance, relax and recharge on all levels. It looks at structural misalignment and helps to release blocks and tension held hidden in the body. This treatment is considered to help free old memories help deep in the body and facilitate change in your life. A good one for New Year! Extremely relaxing and is done over clothes.
    1hr treatment £55.00
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage - A therapeutic massage technique that is specific to the Lymphatic System. It helps to stimulate and improve circulation throughout the body, helping to improve immune health, water retention, and fatigue and general well being.
    1hr treatment £55.00


The day was relaxing, inspiring, safe and comfortable, I left feeling reconnected and energised


Venetia Moore

Your Retreat Host

- Venetia Moore -

ITEC Hons Dip. Cert Ed. IPTI
Registered PMF & HEC Teacher

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Holworthy Farm

The Location

Find out more about Holworthy Farm, and its beautiful and peaceful location in Somerset.

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What to bring/ FAQs

Comfortable exercise clothes.

Yoga mat or something suitable to lie on.

Suitable clothing for relaxing outdoors

For more information, see our faqs

Holworthy Farm
Holworthy Farm, surrounded by natural beauty


Holworthy Farm is situated in the Exmoor National Park, and rests on the banks of beautiful Wimbleball Lake. This charming Somerset farmhouse is set amongst some of the most peaceful and scenic parts of the Somerset countryside. It breathes an air of peace and tranquility that is just perfect for a Relaxation Weekend Retreat. Surrounded by nature, there are numerous places to walk, unwind and recharge, and if you are interested in stargazing, the farm is also situated in the first International Dark Skies Reserve.

Holworthy Farmhouse can provide accommodation for those who would like to make more of their relaxing time away. You can visit the Holworthy Farm website below.

Holworthy Farm


If you would like to stay over and make a weekend of relaxation, Holworthy Farm provides a B & B service - the tariff is £35 a night, and all windows have a fantastic view overlooking the lake.


Solo Bespoke Retreat Days

This is perfect for people wanting to spend quality time to recharge, relax and nurture themselves on a deep level. The day is designed for your comfort, personal needs and you will receive professional one-to-one sessions.

ACCOMMODATION - Can be arranged

Group Bespoke Retreat Days

This is a tailored relaxing, fun, health enhancing and inspiring day away at the lake especially for you, your friends, colleagues and associates. Perfect for de-stressing, relaxing and having quality time together as a group.

Ideal for: Stress management days for colleagues / business groups / teachers / care workers / CPDs and celebrations.

Choose your own health & wellbeing retreat day programme and the date (min. 6 people, max. 9)

GROUP DISCOUNT (applicable).

ACCOMMODATION - can be arranged


standard Retreat Days

Standard Retreat Day = £59 (includes lunch).

Bespoke Retreat Days

Solo = £150 (includes lunch).

Group = Prices to be arranged.


You can book by filling out the contact form on our contact's page or by getting in touch via email or mobile.

There are limited spaces for our Retreat Weekends, so please don't hesitate to get in touch for more information.



When you book a retreat day, a deposit will be required. Our deposits are as follows:

Standard Retreat Days

Standard Retreat Day: £20 deposit.

Bespoke Retreat Days

Solo: £50 deposit.

Group: To be arranged.


Q. Is it possible to have wheat-free and diary-free meals?
A. Yes all dietary needs are happily catered, please request when booking.

Q. Do I have to do all the planned session for the weekend or day?
A. None of the sessions on the Retreat Days or Weekends are compulsory, if you prefer to take some time out for yourself that is absolutely fine.

Q. What do I need to bring?
A. Comfortable clothing, yoga mat if you have one, if not a blanket. (There will be extra at the Retreat if you need to travel light).

Q. How far in advance should I book a Retreat?
A. It is advisable to book as soon as possible as Retreats as there are limited rooms and they can easily book up. Look out for the Early Bird Offer.