Venetia Moore


Registered PMF & HEC Teacher Venetia Moore

My vocation as a Health & Wellbeing Practitioner / Teacher has spanned over 25 years. I have experience in many sectors and trained in many therapies and teachings. For 21 years I have worked along side doctors & nurses, been immersed in community living & working, and have worked in Health Farms and Retreats. I have much experience with working with the very young, (new born), to the very mature.

My professional and personal perspective approach to life is holistic, hence my training in different modalities. I see myself as a facilitator, someone who is passionate to help others to help themselves. I believe that my strong spiritual understanding, underpinning practice and commitment help me to stay connected and vital.

I look to facilitate and sign post others to connect to their true-selves in whatever way that is appropriate for them. I look to help raise awareness, empower, and to facilitate natural life changes, this may be through mind body connection work using different elements or combining them. My aim is to help you improve your intrapersonal, interpersonal and transpersonal relationships.

Working Journey

In 1980 after completing a three-year college diploma, I qualified in Anatomy & Physiology, Swedish Massage, and several other Health & Beauty qualifications.  Eighteen months in Australia gave me valuable life and work experience followed by three working years in London.

In 1995, a visionary initiative by the Irnham Lodge Surgery doctors’ partnership gave myself, and many other Complementary Health Practitioners a welcome endorsement and an opportunity to join the first Complementary Health Centre of its kind in the South West. At the time, it attracted considerable attention from the media.  Eleven years on, the Centre still plays an integral part of the wellbeing and health of the West Somerset community.

In 1997, I obtained a Clinical Holistic Honours Diploma qualification in Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Diet & Nutrition.  Continuing my journey to broaden my knowledge and understanding of mind, body & spirit, I trained in CranioSacral Therapy, which profoundly confirms and develops ones intuitive nature.

Understanding that every new life deserves a nurturing and positive start no matter what circumstances he or she has been born into, coupled with my own first hand experiences of being a parent, I trained as an Instructor in Baby Massage and Baby Yoga.

In 2009, it has been a great joy to be able to train in Pure Meditation Foundation Teaching so that I could pass on the gift of meditation to others so that deep purpose, peace and their true nature could be found and enjoyed.

In 2010, I trained and qualified to teach Holistic Energy Care, which helps us to understand our energy selves. This teaching helps us to conserve our energy and use it well.

Last year I authored the book 'Baby Colic Help', which gives parents advice and techniques on dealing with baby colic, with a view to helping themselves as well as their baby.

"Within a peaceful and tranquil environment, strongly guided by my intuition, I see myself as a facilitator; holistically helping others to help themselves, to heal, balance and connect to their true nature."


Feel free to view my C.V. which contains my qualifications and work history.

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