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Mindful Holistic Energy Care Courses

This is a course for people who wish to be more mindful and deepen their understanding and care for their own energy; enhance both their work with others and their personal lives, avoid burnout, bored-out, excessive tiredness, stress, anxiety and illness.

Discussion based workshops aim to raise awareness to whole body energy flow and deepen an understanding on how it can be depleted internally and externally, and how to take better care of it.

During the workshop Essential Energy Skill are taught to help increase and balance energy.

Here are some of the many benefits:

  • Be more mindful, improving memory, focus & concentration
  • Lower stress, anxiety levels
  • Be more creative & productive
  • Lessening affects from working with technology
  • Be more in charge of oneself, make better decisions
  • Have more energy for life
  • Optimise general health and wellbeing in the workplace or at home
  • Learn to value yourself more
  • Improved time management
  • Self development
  • More enjoyment of the day, of life!


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