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Aromatherapy is a deeply relaxing holistic massage involving the use of essential oil extracted from plants; to help you heal, de-stress, restore balance and to improve physical and emotional health & wellbeing.

Within nature, there is power, mystery and wisdom, a life force resonating with our own. Through the careful use of essential oils, we can help ourselves to reconnect with that force.

As highly evolved primates, our sense of touch remains a fundamental part of our heritage and plays a vital role in our development from infancy into adulthood. Comforting and nurturing it is considered food for the soul!

What is Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has a long history it’s as old as mankind. For thousands of years essential oils have been used for therapeutic, medicinal and religious purposes. Through massage essential oils promote health and vitality by helping your body to heal itself naturally.

An Aromatherapy treatment is a combination of carefully chosen essential oils combined with a deeply relaxing, therapeutic massage to help ease painful muscles and joints, heal stress-related conditions and release general tensions.

What are essential oils?


Essential oils are aromatic, mostly liquid substances, extracted from the roots, stems, leaves, bark or flowers of a plant. They hold the plant's personality and all have a function e.g. repelling or attracting insects or helping with photosynthesis.

All the oils have many therapeutic benefits, e.g. anti spasmodic, sedating, balancing, revitalizing, strengthening and help to uplift the mood and spirits.

Aromatherapy helps to combine the many healing benefits of nature with a deeply relaxing massage; all mixes are uniquely put together for the individual.


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